Random structures and combinatorial statistics

We review selected statistical problems that have a nontrivial combinatorial component. These include the hidden clique problem in a random graph, combinatorial Gaussian hypothesis testing, broadcasting on trees, and network archeology.
We will introduce the students to the most common random tree and graph models, including the Galton-Watson trees, the uniform random recursive tree, the preferential attachment tree, the random binary search tree, and the Erdos-Renyi graph.


Luc Devroye, School of Computer Science,  McGill University, Montreal
Gabor Lugosi, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona


Anna Brandenberger, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

Jad Hamdan, McGill  University, Montreal

Marcel Goh, McGill University, Montreal


Morning: 3-4 hours/day lectures
Afternoon: 2 hours/day supervised tutorials as well as individual and team work.

Moreover, there will be a poster session, where participants, upon previous request, may present their research. A welcome cocktail will be offered during the poster session. More detailed info to follow.

Room and board

Accommodation is included in the registration fee.
The students will be hosted at the Guest House of Villa del Grumello and at Hotel Engadina and Hotel Park.
The organizing committee will take care of the reservation.
Working days’ lunches are included in the registration fees.

Attendance and final certificate

Full attendance of the activities of the summer school is mandatory for the participants.
Subject to a positive participation to the program, an attendance certificate will be awarded by Università Bocconi, mentioning that the 2022 edition of the Summer School is offered in collaboration with University of Oxford and Imperial College London.